What Type of Content Should You Be Sharing for Your Wedding Business?

What Type of Content Should You Be Sharing for Your Wedding Business?


What type of content should you be sharing for your wedding business during this time?

That is a great and common question!

1. Content that is RELEVANT

One of the biggest things I can say right now, whether you’re creating content for your Facebook and Instagram ads or posts for your social media profiles, is to BE RELEVANT.

You don’t have to post about it all the time, but don’t ignore the big elephant in the room (aka COVID-19!).

Couples are nervous right now and are looking to you for guidance on what to do and how to feel.

So talk about it, be open, and stay positive.  Don’t rant about it, but comfort your couples who need you there for them.

2. Content they WANT to read

When it comes to creating new blogs, think about the topics that couples want to read about RIGHT NOW.

Be helpful- What questions are your ideal couples asking? And I say ideal couples because even though we are in a pandemic, you still want to be thinking about resonating with who you want to work with.  That way when they are ready to book, they immediately think of you!

  • So what questions do they have right now about planning a wedding?
  • What advice can you give them?
  • Is there anything they are asking specifically around your service?
  • Maybe there is something you feel like they are asking themselves but not sharing?
  • How can you be helpful and create something of real value for them?

3. Your previous content! 

Another thing you can do is share your previous content!

  • That blog you wrote last year?  You can share it again!
  • Share anniversary celebration posts of your couples from a year ago.
  • Post quotes you love that are still relevant right now.


These are just some ideas, and I hope you find them helpful! I’d love to hear what you’ve created over in my Free Facebook Group! It’s full of amazing, smart, and driven businesses, and I would love to have you in there as well.

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