My Monday Routine

My Monday Routine

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! Today I wanted to jump on and share something that has been pivotal to my success as a business owner: my Monday routine!

This is something that I have been developing for a little over a year now and it’s just CLICKED! 

With this routine, my weeks are so much less overwhelming, much easier to tackle and I finally look forward to Mondays, rather than dreading them! I actually get excited for Monday because I know how to set myself up so that I am successful, my week is fun, and I don’t worry that I will get too overwhelmed with the amount of things on my to-do list. 

Today, I’m going to be sharing 5 parts that set you up for a successful week. As a business owner, it can be SO overwhelming sometimes, right? 

We all know that feeling of getting to Monday morning after a weekend full of weddings and facing a looming to-do list. Where do you even begin? Let’s dive into my 5 part Monday routine that will set you up for a successful and fun week!

1. Find days off during the week. 

Even though this doesn’t totally apply to a Monday routine, I still think this is one of the most important tips on this list! As a wedding pro, you work ALL weekend, especially during wedding season. Then for a lot of you, you work a part time or even on your own business during the week. That’s a lot of time putting all your energy out there! 

You MUST find time to take days off.

That way you can come back to your business refreshed and ready to dig in.


2. Start Sunday night! 

When you are setting yourself up for the week by planning, coordinating and figuring out everything that needs to happen throughout the week, one super important thing that people forget is food! 

This typically comes in on the Sunday before your week begins or the night before. If you don’t have a plan on how you’re going to have HEALTHY meals that make you feel good and give you the most amount of energy, then you’re going to be scrambling and most likely going to eat something you don’t want to. 

Meal prepping is the easiest way to go about this. Create a plan on what you do and don’t want to eat that week, go grocery shopping then spend 2-4 hours making the food.  

That way you can use that time throughout the week to keep your momentum going and get into a good workflow, without spending time figuring out what’s on the menu for the rest of the week. 

3. Monday morning brain dump! 

The very first thing I do to kick off my week, is do a total brain dump of every single task that needs to be done by project or clients. Whether it needs to be completed today or in one week, I get it out on paper.  This can include client projects, projects for your business, personal projects every single thing that is on your mind!

For example, if you are currently working on 4 weddings, write out the names of each client then the tasks that need to be done for each. 

Don’t let these tasks sit on your mind and cloud your brain. 

This is going to help you organize everything that you have going on. You will be able to look at this list and immediately know which projects or clients are going to need the most attention during the week. 

4. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

If you are looking to scale your business and have a consistent income each month, you MUST delegate! You are only one person and you can’t do it all…and you don’t want to do it all! You have family, friends, and other priorities going on in your life and if you are focused on trying to do it all, it simply won’t work. 

Now that you have a clear idea on what tasks you need to do per each project or client it’s easy to then decide what you can realistically do and what you can delegate. 

Think of the tasks that can be done by an assistant or two and let them take that off your plate so you can truly be the CEO of your business!


5. Decide your daily tasks!

I am going to keep saying this because its a huge problem business owners have, you need to realize you can only accomplish so much! 

If you set yourself up with 10 tasks to do each day, you are going to become overwhelmed and frustrated. It is so important to be realistic with the amount of things you can do in a day, especially if you are part time.

 Most days, you can only complete about 1 to 2 big tasks, leaving room for smaller things like emails or quick edits. 

Once you’ve identified those major tasks you need to accomplish THIS WEEK, write out Monday through Friday on a list and place those tasks per each day you can accomplish them.

Mapping out your week can provide you with a sense of relief so you aren’t worried about when you are going to get it all done. 

Once you’ve completed your list, you’ll feel confident that everything you need to do WILL get done, because it has its own time and place in your week. 

If you don’t have a great way to set yourself for an awesome week, you are going to be wasting so much time trying to nail down what needs to get done and when, especially during busy season. 

You don’t want to leave yourself wondering if you will be able to get it all done. 

By having a Monday routine, you can assure yourself that you will get it all done and feel good about it! With your week set up like this, you are going to accomplish more, be your best CEO, and feel better overall!

Do you have a Monday routine? Join my exclusive Facebook group to share yours and hear how other wedding pros are prepping for their best week on Mondays! Click here to join.


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