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The 3 Most Important Money Making Tasks

The 3 Most Important Money Making Tasks

The three most important money making tasks there are for a wedding professional.

Making money.. it’s important. In fact it’s probably the most important thing.  You can love your job as much as possible but you have to make money to be able to your business going and being able to help couples with their wedding.

So, know. There are

  1. Money Producing Tasks

  2. All other tasks

And EVERYTHING falls into one of those two categories!  So, unless you are making lots of money and have time to focus on the non-money making tasks you need to make sure that your efforts are making you money.

Have you worked your butt off and then had no booked weddings to show for it?!  It happens and it happened because you were not focusing on the right tasks.

You might be asking now, Katelin, what are these money making tasks?

Here they are, plain and simple.

  1.  1. Getting your business out there and in front of couples and brides

  2.  2. Following Up with couples you connect with

  3.  3. Booking that consultation call/cake tasting/venue tour/etc.

If what you are doing during your work day does not fall into one of those three categories then you need to stop what you are doing, refocus, and make sure that that time that you are spending on your business daily is helping you GROW!

You cannot book more weddings if no one knows about you.

You will have an extremely hard time booking a wedding if you never follow up or stay top of mind or a bride you have talked to.

You can’t ever book a wedding over email so you must book those calls because that is where they will book you.

To learn more about what falls into these categories, book a call with us!


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