How To Know If You Are Ready To Run Facebook + Instagram Ads

Deciding to run Facebook and Instagram ads is a huge decision and one that can take your business to the next level. But you have to be ready in order for them to be successful. So that when you do run them, you are in a place that you feel ready, secure, and excited about them! Check out my tips below for How To Know If You Are Ready To Run Facebook + Instagram Ads:

Are you comfortable spending money on Ads? 

First things first, you should not be spending money on Facebook and Instagram Ads if you are not comfortable spending the money to test your ads. In the beginning, it’s important to go through a testing phase where you have to figure out what images and messaging gets the best results. This is the best way to learn what kinds of ads are going to yield results later down the road. If you aren’t willing to put money into this process, it’s likely that your ads won’t end up being as successful as they could be. 

Do you have a Facebook and Instagram business page?

This sounds obvious but you would be surprised by how many people want to run ads but don’t have these important social media platforms set up for their business! This is where your ads are coming from, ads can’t be run from your personal page or from your website. On your business page, you want to be posting and active because when you run an ad people will be clicking your page to learn more. If you don’t have anything there or you haven’t been active, it doesn’t show a potential client what you’re all about! 

Do you have a website? 

Having a website shows that you are a credible professional in your business. You don’t really want to be running ads and not have a website. Again, people are going to be checking you out! If you have an amazing ad, people are going to check out your Facebook business page and find your website so you want to impress! Chances are if they look at your website and like it, they are going to reach out to you through your website! If you are going to spend the money on ads, you want to come across as professional and a website will help you do that. 

Have you booked a wedding before? 

People who are confident in what they sell, know what they are delivering, and know who they want to be working with are going to be more successful with ads. And having booked weddings before will build this confidence! If you have experience getting on the phone with couples, talking to them about their wedding, and you know what people are expecting with your service, it will make it a lot easier to articulate that to couples through ads. 

Do you have quality images? 

Ads are based on images and videos so you need these to run successful ads. You need quality images and videos for ads because images are what grabs someone’s attention and stops their scroll! If you don’t have images that do that, then your ads will never be successful. No matter how good your messaging is or how great your website is, you need those images and videos to catch peoples’ eye!

So, are you READY to start running Facebook and Instagram ads for your business? If so, let’s chat!

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