Haven’t heard back from that lead? Try this!

Haven’t heard back from that lead? Try this!

Everyone has been there: you have a couple of GREAT conversations with a couple about their wedding. Haven’t heard back from that lead? Try this tip that I’m going to share today and you will be blown away!

But there is one super important thing to mention with this. If you have not followed up 4-5 times, do not try this strategy yet!

These leads are people too. People with family, friends, and a busy life just like you. If you don’t hear from them right away it doesn’t mean that they have totally ghosted you. In fact, it’s okay because that also hasn’t told you no!

After you have followed up with them 4-5 times, it is so important that YOU aren’t the one that ghosts them.

But what do you do?

That’s where the Magic Email comes in. ✨

The Magic Email is this amazing, straightforward email that will almost always elicit a response.

It is an email with just a few sentences that you send to a lead that you haven’t heard back from. It goes like this:

Hi [FirstName];

I know how life gets busy and I haven’t heard back from you on [project/opportunity] so I’m going to assume you’ve gone in a different direction or with a different DJ or that your priorities have changed.

Let me know if we can be of assistance in the future.


Easy right?!

This message is so to the point that you are almost always going to receive a response. Typically, this is just that push people need to say, “Hey, I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to think about it!”

Sometimes all that you need is just to hear that they are still considering you and plan to reach back out!

But again, don’t forget to check in with those leads about 4-5 times before sending this! Ask them about wedding planning, send them your latest blog, or just let them know you were thinking about them. This shows that you value them and are invested in their wedding planning journey.

You have to try the Magic Email today! I have seen this work like a charm for so many wedding pros and I know it will work for you! Let me know if you try the Magic Email!

Want to hear how this is perfect for wedding pros? Check out my video on Facebook! (if the video does not work for you, click here to join the group)

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