Get Your Blogs Seen By Engaged Couples

Get Your Blogs Seen By Engaged Couples

Blogging is so important! Whether you are blogging for SEO, to post on social media, or to send to couples it is a GREAT way to engage with people. They are an amazing way to build authority and reciprocity with your followers because authority shows that you know your stuff! It gives couples a reason to listen to you because you have the knowledge and the background to help them, especially during this time. When you add value, people are much more likely to pay attention to you and reach out to you when they are ready to start planning because YOU were the most helpful vendor even before their planning journey began. Just like anything else in your business, if you don’t have traffic to go to your blogs, it doesn’t help you. You need people reading them! So how do you get your blogs seen by engaged couples? Well, today I am going to share how you can get your business out there and start booking more weddings!

Provide Pertinent Information

The first question you can ask yourself when writing a blog that you want to put money into is, “Does this blog have information that pertains to my services?” Let me give you an example! If you are a DJ and you put out a blog about how to set up a wedding day timeline, most couples will see this and assume that you are a wedding planner, not a DJ. You could be missing out on this booking simply because the couple mistakenly thought you were a planner instead of a DJ. You want to be posting blogs that immediately let readers know who you are and what you do.


Get the RIGHT Couples To See Your Blog

You want your blog topics to be something couples are already thinking about or asking themselves before even hiring you for their wedding. For example, if you are a planner and you write a blog about creating a timeline, the couple who sees that have probably already booked a planner if they are working on their timeline. You want to catch their eye BEFORE they are working on timeline so that they book you to work on that timeline with them! If you’re going to be putting money into your blog, you want it to reach the people who are going to book with you. 

If you are going to put money behind them, you want a good blog.. If you’re putting money into it, we always want the end goal to be someone who is going to book you for their event. Want more info on how to get your blogs seen by engaged couples? Check out my video in my Facebook group to learn more!


Facebook and Instagram Ads

Yep, you guessed it, Facebook and Instagram Ads. I know I am always harping about these platforms but I’m telling you, they work MAGIC when you are trying to get in front of those dream couples. The beauty of this is you can tell Facebook or Instagram, for a certain amount of money a day you want them to show an ad to as MANY people as possible because it will lead to your blog. For as little as $5 a day, you could have your blog reaching hundreds of people! Hundred of people to connect with your business and learning more about what you do. Want to become a master at using these kinds of Ads to drive traffic to your blogs? Let’s chat!

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