Being Productive

Getting shit done.

Being productive all starts with the right tools. Am I right?

Here are my three favorite tools and why:

  1. Google Calendar – Man I use to have a paper planner where I wrote everything down, but the problem was if I ever forgot to bring it with me I couldn’t make a plan or schedule in a meeting. So, when I switched to Google Calendar, it makes my life so much easier! Not only does it integrate with my scheduling system and automatically add in my meetings but I can see it anywhere any time. If you do not have an electronic calendar that you can easily use on your phone.. get one!
  2. ScheduleOnce – My scheduling tool. Makes scheduling appointments so easy. I use to struggle to try to relay my availability over email, especially if the person was in another time zone. Now all I do is send over a nice little scheduling link to the prospective client, they pick their time zone and then they can see all my availability. I can have several meeting types, which schedule different meeting lengths and it integrates with my calendar to automatically add in scheduled meetings. Another reason ScheduleOnce is awesome is that it has automatic meeting reminders that go out including a text message reminder option that works well.
  3. Evernote – I am a note taker and if I don’t take notes that is a good chance I’ll forget! Evernote is my virtual notebook that I can take notes in whenever I need to. Say I get an idea at a stop light- I can write it done, or as I am trying to fall asleep I remember something, I can take a note on it.  It’s on my phone and computer so if I ever need to reference a note too, I can use the search feature to look it up. Super helpful!

I have several more, but I want to know what are some of your favorite tools to use?

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