5 Reasons Why Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Are Not Working For Your Wedding Business

5 Reasons Why Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Are Not Working For Your Wedding Business

As a wedding professional, Facebook and Instagram are crucial to getting leads and finding your dream clients. But once you start running ads on these platforms, it might seem like you’re just waiting for leads to convert. The good news is that you may just need to tweak your ads a little to get better results and finally find the couples you dream of working with! Check out below the 5 Reasons Why Your Facebook And Instagram Ads Are Not Working For Your Wedding Business.


1. You are not actually running an ad! 

Before you start worrying about why your ads aren’t working, you have to make sure that you are actually running an ad, not boosting a post! These two are easily confused but in reality, serve very different purposes, depending on what the goal of your post is. 

Boosting a post is Facebook’s most basic form of advertising. It uses an allocated amount of money to make a post from your business page appear on more peoples’ newsfeed. The audience is very limited and you so rarely get results. 

Running a real ad on Facebook is done through the Facebook Ads Manager, and has many more options to help you make sure the right people are seeing your ad so that you are getting leads in. 


2. Your ad is not reaching the right people!

If your ad is not reaching the right people, your targeting may be off.  The goal for most wedding professionals in any advertising they do is to attract their dream clients and turn them into customers. Often it can feel like you are doing the right thing but those dream couples aren’t coming your way! Before you start targeting leads with Facebook ads, you must define your ideal client. Consider things like demographics, location, interests, and behaviors. For example, if you are attracting great clients but they are not in your area, try narrowing the location by targeting people in your state, zip code, city, or country. You can even get more specific around who they are by targeting their unique interests and things they like. Thus making sure the right people are seeing your ads.


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3. Your ads are not resonating with your dream couple!

In order to turn your dream couple into your dream client, you have to draw them in with headlines, images, and messaging! All three are huge determinants of whether potential clients keep scrolling or check out your page.  So if you are creating a real ad in the ads manager, and you have done detailed targeting then it means that your actual ad is off and your dream client is not loving it.


4. The page you are sending them to is not engaging and encouraging them to reach out!

When running an ad, the goal is for the reader to visit your website or another page to learn more and ideally, book your services. But if you are sending them to a lackluster site with minimal information and no call to action, it can be easy for them to lose interest. If you feel like your ads are great, you are getting clicks, but nothing is happening then take a look at the page you are leading to and take stock. Are you providing valuable information? Are you encouraging them to book a consultation, contact you, or subscribe to your newsletter? If not, you may be missing out on an easy way to get in contact with your dream clients in. 


5. You are not getting help!  

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