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5 Keys To Facebook Ads In 2019

5 Keys To Facebook Ads In 2019

I know, I know… you are thinking ‘how many more of these do I need to read to get my biz where I want it to be’?  Just this one! Because I KNOW what your wedding business needs to succeed.

So here we go, how will FB ads help you in your business this year!


Hard Truth?

You are not the focus of your posts – you need to start ensuring that your core audience and what they want is the FOCUS!   So:

#1 – The more shares and engagement you get the better

#2 –  The reactions – you will start to see what people are reacting to and why!

#3 – The comments! Oooooh the comments!  What brides are looking for and having the comments makes your social proof instant!

So how to start?  Use the ‘Do you…..?’ method!  ‘Do you’ gives you the opportunity to fish for information from potential couples, do you like pink roses? Or sepia images? (depending on your wedding genre).  Questions, in general, are a great way to start! It creates immediate engagement in people’s head! Few more tips on social proof?

  1. Remember to use the same post ID to generate social proof
  2. Look at the ad as a SOCIAL NETWORK – stop looking and sounding like a boring old ad!

2 – NATIVE ADS that look like posts from Family & Friends –

How can you help the end user?  How can you speak to the end client?  Make it look like you are friends!

  • You can write AD copy that goes to people who care about the results, like a story.  
  • NO, I repeat NO cheesy logo
  • Make AD copy like you are posting to YOUR friends, make it conversational.  Remember to think… what can you write about that they can relate to?
  • Some people also relate better with actual people on their feed rather than just your brand!  So, make sure the picture like the writing is relatable.
  • Take off your professional copywriting hat & start writing like you are speaking to someone.
  • Write from the heart – your business is your passion and you want people to feel that instantly.
  • Toss in a few images from your phone, real-time images – not just the professionally touched up (let people see the real you)
  • Focus on engaging with your audience – do not always feel like you need to sell your product or service.


If you simplify things, it is easier for you to maintain and engage with people who are inquiring about your product or service!

  • You need to have larger audiences
  • Split your cold and warm leads out!
  • Is this the first time running ads?  Then have a few more ads to know what works and doesn’t work.  I suggest 5-6 Ads in the set!


You can get all the leads you want from Facebook and Instagram but if they are not liking your website they will never reach out.  Three things for you to look out for on your site:

  • Images – do they look like something a bride would be interested in looking at?  Do they make her excited about her wedding?
  • Messaging –  are you speaking to who she is and what she needs or are you bragging about your self?  Because everyone cares about themselves first so make sure you write you messaging so that she car relate to it.


Remember with what we started with – this is about the end client experience. You want them to hire you and eventually refer you so don’t lose sight of that when you are putting your ads together and putting them online.  It is always about the client!

If you follow these rules, you will start to see how the FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM AD game is a game changer!  

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