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4 Steps To Social Media Marketing As A Wedding Professional

4 Steps To Social Media Marketing As A Wedding Professional

In 2019, the ability to become successful in the wedding industry relies heavily on Social Media
Marketing! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have completely taken over…and it’s time for
you to start Social Media Marketing as a Wedding Professional!

Here are a few quick and easy steps to help you start Social Media Marketing for your wedding
business like a pro:

Make your Social Media debut!

First things first, you have to create your business profile on Facebook and Instagram. This
differs from a traditional, personal profile in that other users can see what type of business you
own, visit your website and contact you…which means more leads for you! For business
owners, this type of page allows you to see Insights, which gives you more information about
how well your posts are doing.

Get posting!

When you first start your business profile, it is a good idea to start posting so you can fill up your
page with more information about what you do. Show your personality by sharing information
about you, your business or the wedding industry to show your followers who you are and what
you’re all about!

Growing your following!

The beauty of Social Media Marketing is that you have control over your growth while spending
little to no money. Things like hashtags, locations, and targeted ads can help you reach your
ideal clients and grow your following. These are exactly the kind of things that will help you get
right in front of those Dream Couples!

Run some ads!

Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to run paid ads on your profile so you can get in front
of people who are your Dream Couples! For a small fee, you are able to add demographic
information that describes those clients and Facebook or Instagram will automatically put those
ads in front of them! How cool is that?! After running one ad, you will notice growth already!

Practice makes progress in the world of Social Media Marketing as a Wedding Professional. The more you post and grow,
how to navigate each platform in a way that works best for you and your business! Reach out to talk about how to navigate each platform. 

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