3 Things You MUST Consider When Using Facebook Ads For Your Wedding Business

3 Things You MUST Consider When Using Facebook Ads For Your Wedding Business

When you are trying to reach your dream couples for your wedding business, Facebook Ads can be your best friend! But it can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to learn all that’s involved before you click ‘publish’.Today we are sharing 3 things you need to know about Facebook Ads for your wedding business!


1. Know Your Goal!

Facebook is incredibly smart and does its job well! That being said, it’s not nearly as smart as you are about your wedding business. You know your dream couples better than anyone, which means you have to give Facebook some direction to find them, which is done with your Campaign Objective. Here, you choose objectives that will give you the results you want for your wedding business, like to booking more weddings or connect with other vendors. 

2. Be A Stop Sign 

When you log into Facebook, it’s highly unlikely that you are going on with the intent of seeing ads. You are scrolling to see who’s gotten engaged, family vacation photos or funny videos and along the way, ads disrupt that content. For this reason, it’s your job to create something so interesting that user can’t help but stop and look! Before clicking ‘publish’, consider ways that you can grab your dream couples’ attention! Maybe post a recent styled shoot you did or a video showcasing your business. Whatever can grab their attention will increase the likelihood that they will book with you.

3. Know Your Audience Before You Start Targeting

Facebook is known for being great at targeting! This is exciting for wedding professionals because you can create any kind of hyper-niche audience that you once! There’s a catch though: you shouldn’t always create super specific audiences. This can make your audience too small and your campaign too general, which will limit your ad’s performance. For example, know that you’re going to target ‘engaged’ and your location instead of five other audiences just because they make sense. 


Like the rest of the world, your clients are hanging out on Facebook! Using Facebook Ads to your advantage gives you the opportunity to get right in front of them every day. Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of Facebook Ads, you can watch as more leads come in! Want to learn more about how to use Facebook Ads? Reach out to chat!


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