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3 Reasons Why You NEED To Be Using Facebook And Instagram To Grow Your Wedding Business

3 Reasons Why You NEED To Be Using Facebook And Instagram To Grow Your Wedding Business

The wedding industry is different than a lot of other industries because brides are all over your city yet it can be difficult to find the most effective and efficient way to reach them and let them know about your business and what you offer. The good news…Brides to be are obsessed with Facebook and Instagram!  Thus, if you go where they are it makes it easy for you to find your dream couples and bring in more leads for your wedding business. How? Start using Facebook and Instagram for your Wedding Business!

If you are not using Facebook and Instagram for your business yet, you are missing out!  Here are the 3 main reasons you need to jump on the Facebook and Instagram bandwagon:

1. Couples are hanging out and spending LOTS of time on Facebook and Instagram.

We live in a world that is run by the internet and particularly social media. Couples are constantly looking at social media for wedding ideas and inspiration! The average person spends about two hours on social media each day! Can you believe that?! And when a bride is in wedding planning mode… You can almost guarantee that number is double that. So using platforms like Facebook and  Instagram are going to get you in front of your ideal client, where they are spending their free time.

2. Facebook and Instagram know things about everyone.. Which makes it easy to target EXACTLY your Dream Couple.

Out of the plethora of marketing and advertising services out there, Facebook and Instagram make it easy to find who you are looking for.  With other marketing tactics out there like Bridal Shows you have to wait for a couple to find you – with Facebook you can easily use information like city, state, age, gender, and other interest-based information to find your dream couples both organically and with ads! That way you can start booking weddings exactly where you want them and with whom you want to work with.

3. Facebook and Instagram are WAY better than The Knot and WeddingWire.

Services like The Knot and WeddingWire are what we call Reactive Marketing, meaning you have to sit there and hope and wait for couples to reach out to you. Conversely, Facebook and Instagram are Proactive types of Marketing, where you are in control and have the ability to find your dream couples and put your business in front of them, proactively.  On social media platforms, your growth and reach are up to you whereas on The Knot and WeddingWire your growth is in direct correlation to how much you are paying them to promote your business.

As you can see, Facebook and Instagram are gold for advertising your business and getting more leads! You are able to find your PERFECT clients in your area, without breaking the bank! If you start using Facebook and Instagram for you Wedding Business, you will find growth and increased leads! Social media can be a daunting task, in the beginning, so let us help you get the ball rolling!

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