3 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Leads With Your Facebook + Instagram Ads

Do you have an amazing wedding business and you know someone who is killing it with Facebook and Instagram Ads but when you tried you didn’t get the results you wanted?

Well fear no more, here are the three main reasons why your ads are not producing the results you are looking for.  Keep in mind, it could be one or all three reasons so make sure to check out all three!

Cheers to your success!

– Katelin


#1 Reason = Your ads are not being shown to the right people!

You can have the best ad in the world but if engaged couples are not even seeing it then you will never get clicks or a lead from it.

This comes down to the back end of the ads set up and who you TARGET with your ad.  When you are setting your ad up this is one of the first areas where you choose what locations, age, and interests see your ad.  The interests are the KEY.

In the state of Colorado, there were 36,000 weddings last year… 36,000!  Imagine how many were in your state.  You definitely would not enjoy working with all of those couples, you want to find the couple who have a certain set to interests that match who you do enjoy working with.

So to go about this and make sure your ad is being shown to the right couples you must:

1) Make sure you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website – okay this one is actually important for more advanced audiences and retargeting audiences but is still CRITICAL to get put onto your website.


#2 Reason = Your messaging is not driving them to click on your ad.

So you checked out reason #1 and you know that your ad is being shown to the right couples, yet you still are not getting the results you are looking for.

The #2 biggest reason why your ads are not getting the results you are looking for is because your messaging is off and is not resonating with your dream couple. 

These are people and they need more than a message about your package features and price to want to click on your ad. What makes you different than the other vendors who are selling your same service/product?  Talk to them like you would a friend, tell them how you can help them create their dream wedding and avoid their fears.

For more details and a rundown of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to ad copywriting FIRST, make sure to join the Facebook Group Book Weddings Now below!


Book Weddings Now Facebook Group


#3 Reason =  You don’t have a system in place to drive the couple to reach out to you once they have clicked on your ad!

This is sooooo important because so many people will have an amazing ad that is being shown to the right people, but then their website is not working or they do not have a retargeting ad in place.

Having a whole ‘system’ that works for you is the final piece to getting more booked weddings. You need an ad that reaches the right people, messaging that drives them to click on your ad, and then a website and follow up that get that to reach out to you.


Hope you found this super helpful, and I look forward to meeting you in the group Book Weddings Now!

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