2 Simple Strategies For Getting And Converting More Leads for Wedding Businesses

2 Simple Strategies For Getting And Converting More Leads for Wedding Businesses

When establishing a business, one of the most challenging things for owners is how to turn leads into customers. With TONS of apps, programs, and guides out there, it can be confusing to know exactly how to convert leads into clients. We understand that this task can be daunting but have found that creating a valuable and continuous relationship with a potential customer can pay off tenfold. Check out our 2 Simple Strategies For Getting And Converting More Leads for Wedding Businesses!

1. Review Your Website 

In 2019, social media and websites are the first things couples run to when considering your services for their wedding. If your website is outdated, lacking information, not clear that you help weddings, or not visually appealing, you run the risk of losing that potential client. 

Remember, a lead doesn’t always mean a sale. Before a lead turns into a potential customer, they have to move from being a meer browser of your services to a lead. That can be done when they a) fill out a contact form, b) schedule a consultation call, or c) sign up for your newsletter. Any of these three things will give you the information required to turn this person into a lead. Not getting as many leads as you’d like? Review your website and consider the following questions:

  • Is your ‘Contact Us’ page easy to find? Viewers should be able to access your information anywhere on your website. Consider putting your contact information on the footer of each page on your site. 
  • Are viewers encouraged to contact you? Share testimonials from customers to showcase how you overcome their concerns. Couples will connect to the voice of the customer, relate to their obstacles, and feel comfortable and secure in contacting you. 

2. Draw In New Email Subscribers and Email Them

After subscribing, the first five emails sent should be visually appealing and to the point series of introductory emails. For example:

1) Introduce yourself and your business

2) Showcase one particular product or service that is what you do best, unique, or specific to your area or industry. Share how you are different from your competitors!

3) Call to action –  encourage couples to fill out a contact form, schedule a consultation, or sign up for a free resource

4) Share reviews and testimonials from your happiest customers

5) Spotlight your best work or link to your blog to grow the relationship 

This series of emails will keep your business top of mind and build trust with couples who are interested in your wedding services!

Both of these strategies are quick, easy, and incredibly effective for getting and converting more leads! Have you tried these? Share with us how they worked for you! 

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat! 

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