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3 steps to booking more weddings

It’s a simple formula and if you are wanting more booked weddings you need to make sure you are spending your time on the following three tasks. No more bridal shows or The Knot. Those are old school- reactive strategies, what you need are proactive strategies.

  • #1: Get your business out there and in front of couples!  This is where Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads come into play. They are the cheapest and most effective way of getting your wedding business in front of engaged couples. Plus its where they spend all of their free time, browsing social media!
  • #2: Get couples to book a call with you, because you cannot book strangers, you must talk to the couples. So you must be moving all of your leads to a phone call with you as quick as possible.
  • #3: Follow up – Stay top of mind and follow up to help get them to book you. Follow up with retargeting ads, text messages, and emails.
  • The work that I have done with Katelin has and will forever change my business. The ROI has already been reached. In the one month that I was able to track a blog traffic ad and a lead ad and connect it to my email campaign, I had seen page views increase by 20% and leads increase from 5-7 leads the month before to 25!!! And on to that, I let my email campaign do the work and it helped me convert 8 of those leads into consultations. Then it was up to me to sell and all I had to do was put in the initial time investment to set it up. Now, I just tweak and adjust by following what I learned for the course. BOOM! That's entrepreneurship right there! Feels good to be a gangsta!
    Eric Herod, Eric Herod Entertainment
  • Unlocking the Keys to Generating More Leads was the perfect program for my small business. You learn from the ground up how to design and implement FB ads that attract the customers you seek. Each week you will gain knowledge and experience on how to create and analyze a successful ad campaign and email response system that leads your potential client to take that next step and book a tour, or tasting, or consultation. I saw immediate increase in inquiries after learning how to use FB ads to drive potential clients to my web page. Unlocking the Keys to Generating More Leads is invaluable to small business owners, like me, who know online marketing is the best way to attract customers, but don't know how to start. Worth every penny!
    Ellen Livingston, Prima Vista Venue
  • The Bridal Crawl was a success! We had 50 guests, which was our goal. It was a good number for the venues we had. I really appreciate Katelin's help, as she helped turn it around and go from 4 to 50 tickets sold in 9 days!
    Mark Creery, Fort Collins Wedding Association
  • Katelin is an outstanding resource and marketing consultant! She really cares about your business and does everything in her power to help you succeed. She helped my business create Facebook ads, rank highly on google, and launch several campaigns. I honestly had an overwhelming response to the Facebook ads she created with clients pouring into my business because of Katelin. Her extensive knowledge, kindness, and candor are really what make Fas Advertising truly valuable.
    Nadia Duncan, Impulse Dance and Fitness

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